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      Hello change of plan, we were roughing are first bath in 2nd story.We had a good plan on wet venting the bath.3×2 y 3″going to toilete,2″ going to pick up tub ying up to lav and venting out.unfortunetly we cannot drill any holes in wall across to pick up sink due 3 studs in the middle of bath holding up a signifigant part of house I never seen anything like it its a custom house.So we were going to first throw in a 3×2 y picking up the lav towards the left and venting out,then throwing another 3×2 y after that Just picking up the tub.Then going 3 “straight for toilete.Now is that line for tub considered being vented.the 2” line before is being vented.Do we have to throw another vent in before tub.what a pain in the Thanks for your time.Happy turkey day The duke

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      First put in 3×2 y for lav. then 3″y for toilet then 3×2 y for tub and run 3″ up for vent.Vent lav.

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