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      Belleville is a rural town in North Central Kansas, and we are wanting to up date our Plumbers Test. (It is very outdated!!)
      Could you possible supply us with a sample of a test, or direct me to an agency who could?
      Thanking you in advance
      Mimi Young

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      You should contact Johnson County as they just adopted complete new requirements this year and consolidated all city licenses under international series. Many, many contractors have been caught without proper paperwork and qualified personnel.

      E-M me at and I will forward the web site and contact person to you.

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      mimi, I live in Hutchinson, Ks. We use the Block test.A block certificate allows a holder to work anywhere in Ks.It is under the UPC code.Hutchinson has adopted the IPC.We still need a block to get a licence.

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      you can also perchase a 2000 upc study guide. It has many tests and all the answers. Get it from then you can make your own test.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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