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      brett riethmuller

      have boiler inbasement of home. it has cast iron pipes of all different sizes ( 1 inch to 3 inches ) running all different directions from water boiler that turn to 3/4 inch copper pipes just before they turn to run upstairs to wallboard base heat units. i want to replace thses ugly head bumping pipes with something like cpvc or poly plastic pipe if i can. basement area only.[email]null[/email]

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      Harold Kestenholz

      You can replace the lines with PEX, but you will have to support them more frequently than if you use copper. The manifolds would have to be black pipe or copper because there are no plastic manifolds, so the plastic would have to be connected with expensive connectors to their manifolds and the copper lines going upstairs. You would have short lines of plastic connecting between the manifolds and the lines. It would be better and more secure to just use copper.

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      to harold kestenholz; thank you very much for your reply.will look into your answer.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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