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      I believe most water heaters come with an anode rod installed in one of 3 or 4 ports in the top of the tank.
      My gas water heater has only 2 ports on the top, and 5 visible ports in all (1:water inlet. 2: water outlet. 3: safty valve. 4: water drain. 5: the gas inlet).

      Is it possible that some water heaters do not use anode rods?…
      And if so, why is it that my hot water still stinks after 4 flushings?


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      E-mail your wter heater co. and ask if it has one, there are on cold water side.

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      Only Steel glass lined mains pressure gas/electric cylinders have anodes fitted into them and they are usually mounted under the top lid cover and visable by an exposed hex nut – usually on the left hand side as you face the front of the cylinder. Sometimes the manufacturers fit a small disc cover over the access nut of the anode to “dress up” the otherwise untidy look of a cylinder.
      The anode is not fitted on a cold or hot water line connection but screwed through the steelwork of the cylinder to enable it to accept any corrosion activity that may take place within the cylinder – hence it’s name a sacrifical anode that manufacturers claim should be replaced every 5 years or so with the same type and resistance as was originally fitted. Hope this helps.

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Viewing 2 reply threads
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