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      brett kennedy

      I had some kind of electrical problem that shut down one side of my panel. I turned the switch off/on and everything works again except the water heater. I reset the upper thermostat. Nothing. The upper element is warm to touch. The lower was cold so I replaced it. It’s still cold. There is power to both connectors of both elements. I switched the red and black wires at the panel and still no heat on the lower element.
      I tried different 30 amp fuses. Nothing. Any ideas?

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      You have checked the thermostats I suppose cause of one does not operate when it should then you will not have power to the lower element. By changing the red and black wires around will not do anything except cause the switching to take place between the neutral instead of the phase side of the circuit.
      Check you have good earth connections as well and if everything else fails then call in a Sparkie cause your problem may be at you meter board and the relay device (if fitted) on it.
      Hope this helps some.

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