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      Have well and softener. Had Rheem electric water heater w/ R-tech resistor anode rod (magnesium) for 10 years…no prob…until that heater developed a leak. Replaced w/ Sears Kenmore Power Miser 5 heater w/ aluminum rod. When heater only a year old, cold water lines started plugging up with gel…screens in hot water lines plugging up with granular material. Lab tests revealed material is almost entirely made up of aluminum, w/ some silicon and small amount tin and phosphorus. Water heater full of this gel ‘sludge’ that settles out when water cools with the granular material that settles on the bottom of the gel sludge. Have you ever heard of this? Water from well tests good except for high calcium and hardness and medium dissolved solids. Will problem likely be solved by switching back to magnesium rod? If I don’t get the exact same patented rod, will I get rotten egg water? What heater has the best magnesium rod or non-aluminum rod? Is there a reason why this anode rod is disintegrating like this in such a short time putting all this aluminum in the water?

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      Replace anode with magnesium one and the problem of alloy in the water should be eliminated.
      To be sure shut down the water supply and remove the ally anode and check how much of it is left now and that you give you your answer.
      Water conditions are paramount to the correct anode being used.

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