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      I have in-floor, boiler generated, radiant heat, and have developed a leak, location unkown, other than it is somewhere under the lower-level (basement) concrete. The system is 20+ years old, and the in-floor heat conductor is a molded black rubber hose material which consists of two hoses which run in parallel and are connected by a flat piece of rubber, forming a ribbon-looking material which is about 1.5″ wide. I estimate that the hose is about 1/4″ inside diameter.

      I am most interested in advice on the subject of repairing the leak. Are there “leak-stop products out there that will work?

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      Harold Kestenholz

      The Bio-Rad Calmac EPDM tube systems are repaired by either breaking up the floor and inserting a joiner or finding the manifold connection, removing the leaking hose from the manifold, then plugging the manifold.

      Anything that would plug the leak also plugs the circulator, controls and tubes elsewhere.

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