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        A few weeks ago we had our tub surround re-tiled and a new showerhead and handle assembly put in. The handymen completely cut the copper tubing, took out the old handle assembly, and put the new one in.

        Ever since then, we get rusty-looking brown water from the tub spiggot for a few seconds when we turn on the water in the bathtub. I asked the handymen about it and they assured me they did nothing wrong, even though the brown water appears only in the bathtub. When a bath is drawn there are also specks of brown yucky stuff on the bottom of the tub.

        In general, the water also seems “gassy” — there is a lot of air-type noise when the water is turned on and the water seems to come out of the perimeter of the faucet and not from the middle — just not a good, strong flow like we had before. What have they done to our water? How can we fix it, or is this a job for a master plumber? Help!!!!

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        Avatar photoScott Bryan

          Cheryl, It sounds like the handyman used a piece of galvanized pipe for the tub spout and it’s rusting on the inside. This is a very common problem the only way to fix it is to replace all the galvanized parts with brass ones and the problem will bw solved.


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            I would suggest that the fellows used a black steel nipple instead of galvanized.
            What this means: If you unscrew your tub spout (remember that as you look at it from the tub- righty tighty, lefty loosy) you will find a black steel pipe coming out from the wall. Take that out and replace it with a galvanized nipple (silver in color)from the hardware store.
            As far as air- when you say the perimeter of the faucet do you mean the tub spout? Sounds like you are not getting proper flow. How is the shower?
            Need to know these answers to further diagnose.
            or email me at [email protected]

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