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      jamiu toyin muhammed

      I want to begin by saying that I expect no apology, or sympathy. At best I expect a laugh, and for all of you to be glad that you are not in my shoes.

      My tale begins some months back when I accidentally flushed a cloth diaper through my toilet, which thankfully made it through and hung at the closet bend. I knew that something was amiss when I took the toilet off the flange, and saw that the concrete slab was terribly corroded around the drain pipe. I was also slightly concerned by the fact that the brass flange was hanging on to the lead pipe by about 1 inch of metal. The rest was broken clean through. “Hmmm…This must explain why my toilet smells funny” I thought to myself as I reseated the toilet over the new wax ring and promptly decided to forget about it…….

      That was three months ago. About two weeks ago the toilet started running badly, so this weekend I went to get a new flapper. As I was about to leave, I kid you not, the flush handle broke on the toilet. So off to home repo I went to get a handle and flapper…..

      While at home repo I thought to myself what I now realize is the tragic turn of this story: “While I’m at it, I might as well fix that flange and pipe problem as well!”

      Cut to home, I have removed the toilet from it’s base, and have inspected the brass flange and lead drain pipe. The situation then(now much worse): The concrete slab was goopy watery clay from the base of the flange to about four inches down, and a half an inch around the pipe, with pools of water forming about halfway down. The flange was hanging on to about a one-inch section of the lead drain pipe, the rest the pipe having been severly compromised. It appeared to me as if someone had previously attempted to fix the pipe, but somehow managed to break a hole in it and bend it massivley out of shape. The tear in the pipe spiraled down and around the pipe to a point about four inches down, with the hole about halfway.

      So I thought to myself one more tragic thought. “This all has to go.”

      Four hours later, I have a gaping hole in my bathroom floor, the flange has been long removed, and the lead drain pipe has been forcibly removed as well as all of the corroded concrete. This leaves me with a four-inch deep, six-inch wide hole. I have removed most of the lead part, and I am now at a piece of what I think is steel pipe. The steel(?) piece goes down four more inches or so, whereupon it connects to a cast iron closet bend.

      How do I (literally) get myself out of this hole?

      I have established that I need to pour new concrete to replace the old corroded concrete, but I am at a loss as to what I should replace the old lead drain pipe with.

      Having read this forum a bit, I realize that I should have attempted to preserve the lead drain pipe, but the pipe was torn to point about 1/4 inch above where I am now.

      All laughs are expected, and I am ready to hear how terrible this all is. What I would really really like to hear is that this is fixable, even if that means getting a real honest to god plumber involved.

      Greg Morgan

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      Retired plbg1

      On that 4″ lead you have a wiped joint before the cast iron hub. You can melt that solder off the brass ferrel that it i attached to and cut lead out inside the brass ferrel and use a nohub band on the ferrel that goes to pvc and cut a piece of 4″ pvc and band themtogether.
      Are you can nelt the lead joint out of the hub and install a 8″ piece of 4 ” cast iron and use a band from ci. to pvc. Pour the castirn joint. and caulk it. Are call a Lic. plumber.

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