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      For the last three months or so, we’ve had a problem with our faucets – the bathroom faucets only ‘act up’ infrequently, but the kitchen faucet (a Moen Series 74900) acts up on a daily basis.

      When we turn the water on in the kitchen, it will run for a few seconds, then spray – or splatter – drenching everything in the immediate area, for a few seconds. Then, it will run normally for a bit. Then it sprays, and so on. I tried letting the water run for about half an hour to let any air out of the lines, but it didn’t work. Last night, I filled the sink to do dishes, and there was no spraying. When I went to rinse the dishes, I did get sprayed – sometimes.

      I’m at my wit’s end, and I’m tired of getting soaked when I turn the faucet on. I’m assuming that it’s not a problem with the faucet itself, since the same problem does occur in the bathroom sink and shower (only much less frequently).

      Is this something I can fix myself, or should I call a plumber?

      Thanks in advance for any help.

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      Sounds like your PRV might be acting up, call a Lic. Plumber.

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