How do you use “point of use” water heater?

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      I want to be able to bathe my dogs in the garage in the winter and need some hot water in order to do this. (I have a dog bath tub) I do have a hose bib that I can connect a hose to in the garage. I saw a really neat water heater in a dog catalog for this use but it is $265.00. I then saw these small “point of use” water heaters that are 2gallon in size made by Kenmore, Precision, State and probably other companies (they all look the same) which are under $100.00 and wondered if they would work. I can’t tell from a picture how these are hooked up. They are electric and have a 110 plug but I can’t figure out the water in and out part. I do see a bib sticking out of the bottom of them so I guess that is to drain it, but I want to know if I can use it as a portable water heater, put water in with a hose connection, and then somehow hook a hose to it to get water out of it that is mixed with cold so I can get warm water. I know you plumber geniuses can tell me! Thanks!!

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      No you will have to run H&C to a mixing faucet with a vacum breaker on the faucet so you dont get a cross connection.

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