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      I recently bought a house with a steam heating system and have noticed that when the heat kicks on I hear a loud obnoxius bang like there’s a midget in my walls wrestling the steam pipes. Is this normal? Please tell me it isn’t cause’ my girlfriend won’t shutup about it and I don’t know how to fix it. I’ve tried everything I know and still BANG!BANG!BANG! every morning at 4:30. oh yeh’ and it’s only got one pipe going into it I think it’s called one way? There’s a little glass tube to check the level of the water and it’s black. I drained it and still it’s black. Is this normal? Plese help us I can’t take it anymore!!! Thank you. Scott Gordon New Haven Ct. Wampuss@msn.comHELP

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      Harold Kestenholz

      Read the Steam Tips at
      to see what must be done to quiet your system.

      You would have to drain the system many times to get rid of the black water. It is normal for a system that has black iron pipes to rust when air coomes back into the system after every cycle.

      Let us know how many things you had to correct and change.

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