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      I had a plumber doing some work for me that did not sand the inside of
      fitting or the outside of pipe ends (on new pipe) that were to be soldered.
      He said it was a waste of time as flux takes care of it. He did ream
      everything and did sand existing pipes in ground that were badly corroded.
      I had always seen everyone sand. Is it a waste of time. I do some of my
      own soldering and wonder if this extra step has been a waste of time. What
      is everyone here’s opinion? I don’t want to pull it apart now. It is already done.

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      there is flux on the market that will clean the pipe and fittings. Use steel wool it is better. I always clean, but sometimes with the right flux it is not nessessary. It is a good habit to clean in my opinion.better safe than sorry.

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      alls it takes is one leaking joint to screw up your day for me its worth cleanig every time

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      We don’t solder copper pipe fittings down here cause we don’t like the taste of lead tinning – we prefer to braze the pipe and fittings – never had one leak yet!!

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Viewing 3 reply threads
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