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      I recently did some renovations on my home one of which included removing one of the radiators in an upstairs bathroom in order to finish the floor. I have replaced the radiator and am now having problems with the heat in the upstairs of my house. None of the radiators are warm upstairs. I assume I need to add water back into the system somehow but am not sure how to do this. All of the radiators in the upstairs are open and have been bled so I don’t think air is the problem. I have never lived in an older home before so I do not know anything about this type of heating. Any help would be greatly appreciated as my wife is complaining about how cold our bedroom has been and is not happy about spending money to have a plumber out since the remodeling went over budget. Help!!!

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      Harold Kestenholz

      Read the Air Purge procedure at
      It will show you a lot more than just how to get the air out. It will lead you to why the upstairs is not heating and how to correct it.

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