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      The pressure relief valve on my well pump has failed and wreaked havoc on most of the older plumbing fittings in my previous 22-yr-old mobile home and many of the outdoor (irrigation and stable/barn) fittings. What I know about plumbing is almost nil, and I have several questions. Here is what I (think I) know that might be useful. When I purchased the place (5 yrs ago), I was told I have a well cased to 260′ in which the pump is suspended @ 160 feet, about 100′ below the water level; that the pump is rated @ 85/gpm, and that the well is registered as an irrigation well. I have a 100 gal pressure tank @ the well head, about 100′ from the water supply entry to my new manufactured home. 85 gpm sounds like a lot of pressure to me, but what do I know? My questions are:
      1. How much pressure is 85 gpm?
      2. Does the pressure relief valve function on the input or the output side of the pressure tank?
      3. Does it matter if I know specifically what the pressure generated by the well is and, if so, how and where do I measure it?
      4. When I buy a new pressure relief valve, what matters more, the pressure generated by the pump or the desired pressure in the house?
      5. If there are different types and characteristics of pressure relief valves, what type and characteristics will best fill my needs?
      6. After I get the new pressure relief valve installed, should I have some kind of pressure guage installed somewhere in the line to tell me what my pressure is at any given time? If so, where?
      7. If I plan to use the same pump to eventually irrigate my 6 acres with sprinklers for horse pasture, does that change my pressure relief valve needs?
      8. Can I put more than one pressure relief valve on the pump? If so, given my stated plans, should I?
      9. Is replacing the pressure relief valve, and making any other modifications you suggest, within my personal capability to do, or do I need a pro?
      I’m probably obviously a novice, but handy, so any advice or references you can give me on how to replace my pressure relief valve and plumb the property in anticipation of my horse- and gardening-related irrigation needs will be appreciated. And as soon as possible since, for now, I’m managing the water pressure by turning off the pump when water is not being used in the house.

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      Farmer Jim.
      1. GPM indicates “FLOW” not pressure
      2. I beleive you are talking about a “Pressure Reduction Valve”
      3. There should be e pressure guage on the pump.
      4. The desired pressure to the house
      5. Yes, See a Pro
      6. Yes
      7. Maybe/Yes
      8. Yes
      9. Get a Pro

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