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      Old tub/shower valve has bit the dust, so am replacing with new unit from Home Depot. However, am puzzled about how to replace the cast iron shower riser functionality because it appears that the closet wall behind it was finished off after it was installed. There’s a trouble door that exposes the valve housing, but that’s it. Is there a better solution that doesn’t require tearing out some of the wall behind the riser than this one I’ve concocted? (Thanks much for your help)

      1) disconnect water supply and shower head arm
      2) remove old riser (will probably have to cut out)
      3) install new valve unit
      4) screw galv to copper converter fitting into where riser meets valve
      5) onto a longer than needed copper riser, sweat a 90 degree elbow plus a fitting to convert back to half inch thread for the shower head arm
      6) fish the new riser assembly up thru the wall and get the elbow positioned in hole where it has to be to screw in shower arm
      7) mark bottom length of riser where it will come to rest in converter fitting
      8) take riser out and cut to length
      9) fish it back in, install shower head arm, and sweat the connection to the valve

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      sorry – existing riser is gavanized pipe – not cast iron!

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