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      Can you tell me if it’s true that plumbers in Melbourne don’t have to
      give a Plumber’s Certificate if the job is less than $500?

      I’ve been trying to line up somebody to install my dishwasher, and I’m
      finding it a bit sus that 2 plumbers I called told me their quote for
      the job didn’t include giving me a Certificate, and if I wanted one, it
      would cost me $50 extra.

      Does it cost the plumber someting to issue a Certificate? Is that why
      they want to charge extra for it, to pass the cost onto me, or are they
      just trying to take advantage of me?

      What is the difference between just getting a receipt or getting a
      Certificate? Will it affect my home & contents insurance policy if I
      don’t get a Certificate?

      Any information would be much appreciated.

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      No Victorian plumbers here

      Try this lot

      Master Plumbers Australia
      Level 3 – 124 Exhibition Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
      PO Box 65, Haberfield NSW 2045
      Ph: (03) 9654 7100
      Fax: (03) 9654 6382

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      Sylvie. Dont know much about Melbourne, only been there once, was’nt impressed!
      In Qld any minor woorks are treated as unregulated, however if a new instalation is to be done, then a fee to the council must be paid so that the council inspector can inspect (pay as you go, I believe that in Victoria the Plumbers are self certifying. If you have reputable Plumbers I believe that the $50.00 is not required, however by the tone of your letter you are one of the thousands of people who have because of fickleness would shop around for the cheapest quote & expect the gold plated version.
      Sylvie Pay the extra $50.00 so the Plumber doesnt have to worry about you dobbing him in in the future.

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