Can I grind down cast iron vent pipe joint?

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      I’m replacing a tub, and a hub joint on the 4″ cast iron vent stack protrudes into the alcove a little too much to allow the tub to fit (the old tub was tall enough to ride over the joint).

      Can I grind off about 3/16″ of the hub joint, on the side where it blocks the tub installation, without destroying the structural integrity of the joint? The total pipe thickness is 1/2″, it’s an oakum and lead joint, with about 16′ of stack above this joint (I’ll make sure there is a riser clamp holding the pipe in the attic). I don’t need to modify the pipe diameter, I only need to reduce the diameter of the widest part of the hub joint itself.

      Thanks! Gary

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      shure but maybe the pip will crak latre

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      There’s no problem with what you want to do as long as your only removing 3/16

Viewing 2 reply threads
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