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      I’m not a Master Plumber, just a Joe Blo homeowner. I recently renovated our first floor bathroom. Part of this renovation involved removing and then reinstalling the toilet.

      After reinstallment (I cleaned out the wax ring and put a new one in) I needed to take the toilet out again to get some waincoting in behind it. This time I did not put a new wax ring in.

      The toilet seems to work fine, but in the morning the water level in the bowl is very low. Is this a sign that I may have installed it improperly? Is the water leaking out around the wax ring?


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      Retired plbg1

      Is there a vent on the toilet, also sounds like you got a crack in the bowl, check it out.

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      A bad wax ring in itself will not cause the water to disapear. Sounds as though the internal trap may be cracked.

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      Internal trap? What’s that? The thing in the tank that controls the water going into the bowl?

      There is a general venting problem in my 37 year old townhouse. When we flush any of the toilets, the drains in the house gurgle. Irritating.

      But this is the only toilet that seems to drain the bowl overnight.

      Another toilet in the house constantly drips. The dripping is into the bowl.


Viewing 3 reply threads
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