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      I have an old curb stop valve that is leaking at the valve stem. I checked with the village, and it is my responsibility to fix (no luck there). I have already replaced all the old galvanized supply runs with new copper, but now the old valve is acting up.

      Here is the question–should I just call in a plumber to swap out the valve, or is replacing/fixing the stem an option? I assume I’d have to shut off water at the “b box” in my front yard, but I think I’d need a long t-handle wrench to get down there.

      We also have slightly low water pressure, so I’m wondering if anything can be done by a professional plumber while the main shutoff is removed to examine or clear out the pipe running from the front yard into the house. If that pipe was like the others in the house, it must have deposits/build-up along the horizontal run.

      Any assistance would be appreciated.

      Graham Tillotson

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      If that is on lead then it is a little trckey to fix, if it is and old lever handle thenyou have to tap it on top and tighten the nut under neath, if you have gal. service the it is partly stopped up.

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