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      Hi there Masterplumbers,

      I was trying to find out which countries use central heating systems with a header/expansion tank like we do in the UK. Could you help us?

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      Well howdie doodie thar gal – us real Kiwi blokes have been known to play in this field a time or two ya know – given that we are real close to the South Pole!!!
      Beleive me your systems used over there are the same the world wide however, the costs of equipment are greater than the more popular warm air systems available in the market place today – hence the increase in demand for this kind over the water based ones.

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      Harold Kestenholz

      Hoy, Peter. I was told by others in Oz that they didn’t need heat and that’s why they use electric heaters. Are there at least three hot water systems near you? I thought the northern USA and Canada were the other places outside Europe.

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      Whooo on there Harold. New Zealand is a whole nuther Country. They can’t even speak Australian.
      In Australia there is North Australia & the Southern Bit where not many Australians reside & the inhabitants dont even play Rugby League.
      In our part of the world (Australia) we dont need heaters & I for one dont even own one.
      I wont go on any further cause Peter might get an idea to emigrate.
      The only redeaming thing about New Zealand is they have a Rugby Leage team that we can beat.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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