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      Yeah I was just wondering what is causing the dishwasher to do this.
      It is a Kenmore Dishwasher that was already in the house when we moved it. Don’t know how new it is though.
      Well lately when I turn it on to Short wash it does nothing. Usually when I do that you’ll hear water coming out and stuff spinning.
      It doesn’t do anything, so I cycle through it. I hear water spraying, but it doesn’t seem loud.

      Then I go to the drain cycle where it spits out water into the sink. Well it doesn’t do that anymore. So now I got water in the bottom of the dishwasher sitting their, good thing I have a shop vac.
      Question is what is the problem?? Last time It happen I pour some vinegar into the drain area and let it sit their for awhile. I don’t know if it was the vinegar or dumb luck but it did work for about 4 weeks. Now it’s back to the same crap.
      Was pouring vinegar in their a bad idea?

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      Vinegar did not do anything, you might have a bad pump are the hose is stopped up.Try a vac on hose and see if you get any water if so pump must be bad.

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