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        Please forgive my naiveness. I am about to ask a very basic question.
        My heating system consists of radiators. My problem is that I have to manually refill my gas furnace with water every few days (in the heart of winter) to make sure it stays at appropirate levels. Is there a way to automate this? Can something be added to my system to allow for the furnace to stay at the recommended water level without me having to worry about it? Some sort of automatic water feeder? Also, would this part be a generic part I can buy or would it have to be specific to my furnace type, size, etc.?

        Thanks in advance.

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        Avatar photorobertgf

          you have a leak in the heater or heating system if you keep on filling the system or install a auto-feed you will eventually rot out the radiators, heater or piping or all three

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