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      Carol Haight

      the diverter valve located on the tub spout sticks closed after shutting off the shower.(it can be pushed down to open, however i often forget to do it) the result is that some water (which gets cold) remains in the pipe to the shower head. when i get into the shower the next time and turn on the water, instead of the water coming out the tub spout where i can adjust its temperature before closing the diverter valve, a slug of cold water IMMEDIATELY comes out the shower head. this is a shock and annoying. the diverter valve used to fall to the open position when the shower was turned off.

      how do i fix the diverter valve? replace the whole spout and valve?

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      Retired plbg1

      Take spout off and get new on, old ones cant be fixed.
      Art retired plbg

      Art retired plbg

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