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      tom marshall

      I have three plumbing questions:

      1) I noticed while landscaping that s 1/2″ copper water line tapped off the main line and feeding a hose bibb is running criss cross under a 4″ yard drain abs line. I thought that a copper water line must run over a drain line but maybe that just relates to sewer lines.

      2) The main line runs up a hill and there is a retaining wall on one side. The 1/2″ copper line taps off the main line and horizontally runs to the wall and pops out the other side with a hose bibb. All my other hose bibbs are on an irrigation line, but this one taps right into the main line. Is this ok or does it have to be on the irrigation line. If the landscaper would not have accidentally punctured this 1/2″ line by accident and had to sweat on a splice, I would not have paid attention to how it was run and realized that it taps into the mian line!

      3) I need to put a pressure regulator on the irrigation line. Should I use a 25-75 or a 75-125?

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      Retired plbg1

      That line going to hose bib should be connected inside with a shut off valve. If you have a leak you will have to shut off all water to house. Get the 125# guage.
      Art retired plbg

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