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      I have a two story house. Upstairs plumbing (drain) leaks and drips onto sheet rock and drips into downstairs kitchen. How do I find which drain is leaking. (6 upstairs drains). Already knocked out sheet rock in ceiling.

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      Mr pdxtwostory. Why would you try. Unless you do not have insurance? Call a Licensed Plumber to investigate & report, make an insurance claim, you will have to pay to have the Plumbing repaired but the insurance will (or should if you have it) any reinstatement.

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      Many times it takes serious detective work without ripping your whole ceiling down. When does it leak? is the water following a pipe before it dripps? kids splashing in the tub, mabey the water is coming from the over flow on the tub or the walls around it the tub.

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