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      Avatar photoMasterPlumbers

        I am interested in installing a grey water system at our house. I would like to know what this could involve in terms of council guidelines, regulations and necessary equipment. I am alos unsure as to how it works, i.e. do you need
        a holding tank or does the water just seep out on to the garden.

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        Avatar photoRobert Stephen Morton

          Tubby, if Western Australia have similar laws to Qld & I feel under the Environmental Laws they must. you would have to have a Site Assessment done by a Soil Engineer & then employ a Fully Licensed Plumber to install the System as the waste drainage is classed as Sanitary Plumbing & therefore regulated under the Law. You see Tubby when you deal with Grey Water, if it is stored for more than 1 hr it becomes Black!
          Most people urinate in the Shower, Women tend to have periods & people also blow their noses & wash off Faecle matter which goes down the shower.
          When a person cleans their teeth they spit out pathogens & blood.
          When a person washes Clothes the clothes have all sorts of grungy stuff on them, Underpants & undies have Skidmarks & Nocturnal stuff on them.
          So you see it is not only grey but alive. There are laws about the safe application of this untreated primary effluent.

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          Avatar photoRobert Stephen Morton

            My most profound appologies Mr Tubby.
            I misread the post as Western Australia. I am at present prostrating myself while flagilating.
            Oh I am sooo embarrassed. That said, poop happens!
            I still think that the Australian Standards are accepted in Western Victoria or what you might call South Australia.
            Best regards Bob

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