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      I have a leak from the toilet tank and it looked like it was coming the left bolt. I replaced the bolts but it is still leaking. The spud gasket looked worn and perhaps it is that but I can’t find one that looks the same. I don’t know the brand and there doesn’t seem to be any ID numbers anywhere except a blue logo that reads “SA.” It was mannufactured in 1989. Anyone know what setup I have and any tips for checking what else could be the cause of the leak? Thanks. Dan

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      Take the bolts and put on washer and put some Plumbers putty around the washer and tighten down. Try this place for the washer.
      Did you take old one off and go to Plmbing supplyhouse and try to match.

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      replace the entire fulsh valve, and tank to bowl kit ( bolts, washers.) go for it dude. [img]null[/img]

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      Thanks all for the advice; no more leaks!

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