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      Avatar photoWilliam Ryan

        HELP! I’m starting my plumbing job this weekend and just picked up my PVC. I went to Menards instead of Home Depot because their 3″ PVC was less expensive. However I realized it is lighter and noticed it is labeled as “Bristolite Schd 40 PVC – COEX Cellular core”. A quick visit to the Bristol Pipe website (http://www.bristolpipe.com/Product_Details/PVC_foamcore_dwv.html) made me realize that it isn’t what I’ve used in the past.
        I’m wondering if most inspectors consider it suitable for DWV work. My town’s inspector is off until Tuesday & I can’t hold off until then.

        Any thoughts or experiences? Is this pipe any noisier then standard shedule 40 PVC?

        Thanks in advance!

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        Avatar photoNickHydro

          Pips arnt noisy unles thye rub on somethin cant get pips quite unles yuo sounpruf them or makem frome castirne

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          Avatar photorobertgf

            foamcore is actually quieter, however most inspectors frown on it

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            Avatar photoedbreyer

              Nickhydro & Robertgf:

              Thanks for the replies!

              I bit the bullet – borrowed my friends pick-up truck again – and got the regular PVC from Home Depot. The extra time and money would seem insignificant compared to the possibility of having to rip out the cellelar core stuff and redo it!

              One follow-up question: What’s the best way to reduce the noise of the water rushing through the PVC in the walls? Do I just add regular (uncompressed) fiberglass batting to the stud bay or is there a special pipe wrap material?like

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              Avatar photomasterplumber_bpd

                If the DWV system is being put under an AIR or WATER testing then i would go with the sch. 40 pressure rated instead of the foamcore. I have have had trouble with foamcore under the testing. If you do go with the foamcore, use a chop saw and make good cuts. be sure to prime and glue heavy.

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