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      barry l winters

      We have 3 Briggs 4400 toilets, and have gradually aquired the same problem with all of them. The first thing that happened was the float-cup would not drop when the toilet was flushed. Then then tanks would not stay filled, so now you have to manually push the float cup down and wait for the tank to fill so the toilet can be flushed. The only advice we have been given was to add weight to the float cup, but when we did this, it wouldn’t come all the way back up and the tank just kept filling. We have very hard water here and we were wondering if mineral deposits could be to blame. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you.

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      They may need to be cleaned or replaced. How do they feel when you lift them manually? they should move very free.

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      They seem to move very easily when you push the mechanism manually, but they just won’t do it on their own. The latest addition is that sometimes the float-cup won’t come all the way back up on it’s own and it has to be brought the rest of the way up by hand. Fun for guests! We were thinking turn off the water drain the tank and try some CLR or Limeaway. Does that make sense?

Viewing 2 reply threads
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