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      My plumber fixed the drain in my shower on the first floor. It wasn’t stopping the water from going down. He also fixed the knob that switches from shower to tub because it was stuck. Every since then I run out of hot water in the shower after 10 minutes. My plumber cleaned the water heater but that did not help. I do not have this problem with the shower on the 2nd floor or in any sink. My house is on a slab with the water heater in the garage. I would appreciate any help as to how I can solve this problem. Thanks so much!

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      Well thats easy, take shorter showers.
      Routine is:
      Shower on, get wet.
      Shower off, soap up.
      Shower on, rinse.
      Dry off.
      Total water time 3 minites.
      Heat energy saved, 12 minutes worth
      of hot water.

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      10 mints is all anybdy gets wit a lectric heeter. Choke up on tha valv to make matre com out slow or get a biger heeter.

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      is it possible you have a different shower head in that shower or the flow restrictor has been removed. You will get a much better and stronger shower but you will also go through your hot water faster.

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