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      William Ryan

      What is the proper installation sequence for installing a deck mounted whirlpool tub? Should I build the platform/deck structure (without installing the backer board or tile) before or after rough plumbing?

      My biggest concern is that the tub rim is not supposed to bear any weight – which I think means that I’ve got to calculate the combined thickness of the tile, mortar and cement board and deduct it from the deck height before building the deck.

      Unless I get different advice, here’s the sequencing I’ve planned:
      1) Set tub in place and mark its footprint on the plywood floor including the drain line location.
      2) Measure out and mark the desired footprint of the tub deck.
      3) Determine the deck’s rough framing height by measuring the distance from the floor to the bottom edge of the tub rim and deduct the thickness of ¾” plywood decking, ½” cement board, mortar & tile.
      4) Move tub out of area and build the deck framing (do not install the plywood top).
      5) Rough-in the supply lines to just above the floor (within the tub deck) and the drain line to near the cut-out drain area in the floor.
      6) Use the supplied template to cut the whirlpool hole through a piece of ¾” plywood and mount it to the tub deck framing.
      7) Mount the faucet body, valves, spout base, etc through the plywood decking and connect to the water supply lines.
      8) Run a GFCI protected electrical circuit to an accessible location (inside the tub deck) near where the pump will be.
      9) Attach the drain/overflow assembly to the tub.
      10) Place the tub into the deck on top of a bed of mortor or drywall compound – tp level it.
      11) Connect the drain line.
      12) Test the tub for leaks.
      13) Install cement board and tile (creating the required access panel).
      14) Seal the seam under tub rim with chaulk.
      15) Enjoy!

      Am I missing anything or do you have some suggestions to help the job go smoothly?

      Thanks in advance!

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      Retired plbg1

      Fill tub with water and put coc. are spray stirafoam under neath because bottom will give when you stand in it also check and see if tub settles when you put water in, mark wall before you fill and see how much it settles.

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      Sounds pretty good, use morter not drywall mud under the tub and give yourself another inch of space between the bottom of the tub and the sub floor so the morter will fill that area, make sure you have a good amount of mud under the motor so it does not vibrate. Make some shims that are the same thickness as your future tile and cementboard and put them on the plywood deck so the tub will rest on them and be level. be sure to use plenty of cement under the tub so it suported by the mud and not the deck. put something heavy in the tub (another bag of dry morter)after to hold it down for 24 hours. Good Luck.

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      Thanks Ken Marsh & Retired PBLG!

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