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      tom marshall

      I am doing a remodel and the plumber sweated two copper pipes together under an area that is going to have concrete poured. Is this safe? Is it likely to leak? I hate to rip it all out now. Help

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      Per code all copper joints underground are to be silver soldered. If it has not been properly soldered it does not mean it will fail. It probably will not pass inspection.
      I personally do not think you are taking a chance leaving it as is.
      Good Luck,
      The Local Plumber
      Tustin, California

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      Hav it cut out an brazd it taks mints an maks code then rap joint with fome insulaton befor its pored on

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      For everyones info, the pipe is under dirt and sand, not directly under concrete. By the way what is the difference between brazing and soldering. Will it make that big of a diff in my case. The plumber I use is very good at sweating/soldering copper. Should I leave it?

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      Just for interests sake, in Australia, any pipe passing under a concrete slab must be sheethed or in a conduit with the minimum of joints.

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