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      Hi there,
      It is getting cold out and I have a problem.
      Dining room under construction, so I have an old radiator removed. So I figured get a new valve right? Well the new 1 1/4″ valve fits nicely onto the steam in pipe, but does not fit onto the radiator flange. The problem is I cannot get the rdiator flange off the old radiator. It must weigh 300 lbs and cost hundreds for a new one.Any ideas how I can take this thing off? I put an ice cube into the pipe and torched the outside of the nut that is close to the radiator, the put a 6′ pipe on my wrench for leverage, and boards on the radiator for leverage, still it won’t budge.


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      Cut tha pip off USe a jabsaw wit a haksaw blad an cut tha inside of the pip near the thred then cisel the peeses out

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      OK, I can try that. Thanks!
      But before I do, let me make sure that I
      should be turning the big nut, not the pipe.


Viewing 2 reply threads
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