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      Avatar photoMasterPlumbers

      The city in which I live recently increased the water pressure to my house. All is fine except for one toilet upstairs. When this toilet is flushed, a very loud chatter occurs and lasts for about 30 seconds.

      At first we thought it was air in the pipes, but it’s remained this way now over about 2 weeks. No other problems with any of the other fixtures in the house.

      Any ideas what’s causing this?

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      Avatar photoSelgas

      Sure sounds like the results of water hammer to me – check your pipework to make sure it is secured loose fitting pipes when high pressure is applied sometimes vibrate through a water pulse passing through them.
      Ya could always fit a pressure reducing valve to the line on the cystern as a last resort.

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      Avatar photoNickHydro

      Anther flush valv mite help

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