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      Glenn Block

      Hi, I have a KitchenAid model KUDS220T1 that isn’t getting dishes clean. I monitored the wash cycle and found that NEITHER the lower nor upper spray arms move. Water is coming out of the arm holes but arn’t moving. I have manually tested to see if the arms move freely and the bottom does without friction. There is some friction on the upper arm but I wouldn’t think it to be enough to prevent it from moving. If the upper arm has resistence would that prevent the bottom arm from moving? My guess is no. Anyway, is it possible that I’m not getting enough water pressure? This is a fairly new problem.

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      Sure sounds like a blocked or glogged inlet water filter/valve I suppose you have checked they are clean and clear????

      Yes it could be a lack of water pressure but unless something has gone wrong all of a sudden I would look for the filters first.

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      I have the exact same problem on my single spray-arm GE GSD500D. Last couple years or so, the spray arm has moved very slowly, although spray water is coming out like gangbusters. Shoots to the kitchen ceiling if I turn it on with door open! Lately it doesn’t move at all. Last year I checked everything around the filter area and it seemed okay & unclogged. The spray arm hub wobbles somewhat, but it does on new dishwashers I have looked at! I did try last year to shim under the screw that holds the hub to the pump housing and it seemed to help but not much.

      I have begun shopping for a new dishwasher but if I can fix this inexpensively and milk another year or so out of this dinosaur (we may be selling & moving due to low interest rates) it would be nice.

      Doug in Southern Cal.

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      Filter has been cleaned and problem persists. As for the water pressure, we do not have a pressure problem anywhere else in the house (on the contrary). Could there be a leak somewhere?

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      make sure the dishwasher is level. also have you checked it with no dishes in it, maybe a dish is preventing it from spining, I know that sounds to simple but sometimes the most simplest of things get overlooked.

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      yes, of course i’ve checked that.

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