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      hello, I am trying to figure out how to remove the valve inside my bathtub that is behind the knob. I can get in there but all of the fasteners that connect the water line to the valve assembly seem to be seized as they start to strip when turning with a wrench. Does anyone know how to get these out? Are the possibly soldered in place? If so, how would I get them out? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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      Without seeing it I would day cut hole in back of the tub and see how it is connected and go from there, afterwards you can frame it in and use it as acess panel.

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      Thanks for the ideas. What I found once I got in there was a pipe fitting screwed into the valve. When trying to unscrew the pipe fitting it appears that it is brass and either soldered to the brass valve or so corroded that it was tight enough to to strip the head of the fitting when trying to loosen with an open ended wrench. Now my problem is how do I get it out? Do I cut the copper pipe below the plug and do a splice? If so, how might I do this?

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