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      All members that have been around for a while and could be on the mailing list of a PIPDL member, Please update your virus checker and scan your machine ASAP. I have been hit with five copys of the bugbear virus tonight from members of the PIPDL group. This is not delibert from them as like most virus, its automatic.

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      Is this the virus that tells you to check your hard drive for a BEAR icon within your hard drive? Then tells you to remove it because it is a virus???

      If it is I assure you it is NOT a virus and despite you trying to remove the BEAR icon it will reappear when the machine reboots.

      If what you are speaking about is not this particular one then please advise.

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      Nope, its real and nasty


      Security Response: W32.Bugbear@mm
      W32.Bugbear@mm is a mass-mailing worm that is rapidly spreading to Windows

      The subject and attachment name of incoming emails are randomly chosen. The
      attachment will have a double extension ending in .exe, .scr, or .pif.

      Symantec Security Response has released virus definitions to protect against this
      threat, as well as a removal tool to assist in recovering systems already infected.

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      Harold Kestenholz

      After two serious virus attacks last month; I set my Norton Antivirus to buffer and examine every email BEFORE it can appear to click on it. Many emails are now bare in the inbox list because the program strips the virus attachment BEFORE it gets into the system. If you don’t accept attachments and only use text emails, much of the problem disappears as well.

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      Thanks for your post I have got the killer for this 32BugBear virus but would hasten to add that there is another just like it doing the rounds as well so keep your Norton Antivirus current and you will be fine.

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