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      I am in the process of remodeling my kitchen. In redoing the cabinets, I decided to move the sink to an island instead of against the wall. House is obn a slab so I knew this would involve breaking up the floor.
      Had a plumber come in and do this work. Ran gas, water, and drains at same time. Gas – water–no problem. Drain, big problem. It runs real slow. Everything is back under concrete, so digging up is not an option for better slope. In talking to the plumber, he is talking about installing a hartford loop under the sink. Will this work better than an air admittance valve?

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      Its called a loop vent Hartford loop is used on boiler return systems.It will work just fine if installed correct

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      Yes it will work better then the admitance valve, they dont work after awhile and start leaving in sewer gas. If you want a drawing of a loop vent I can send you one leave add.
      Art retired plbg

Viewing 2 reply threads
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