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      My licensed plumber just installed a pressure balancing shower and tub set for me yesterday. When the tub fills, the shower head has alot of water coming out of it as well. He says that this is normal and that the upstairs usually gets more water pressure than the downstairs so that this is why it is happening with the new shower but not my downstairs shower. Does this sound right? It seems to me that there is something wrong…I cant believe that it is normal and acceptable for a new shower set to just leak and that I just have to live with it. Thnaks, Jack

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      This is very simple. He installed the valve upside down. Most if not all valve will say up or have an arrow pointing up, never should the water be coming out of the showerhead when filling the tub with the spout. have him install it corectly and then never use him again!!!!!

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      yea sounds like the valve is upside down….. some plumbers are con men dude.

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