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      Bernard Voith

      Mr Nick Hydro.
      I found a book & I have been reading it, I am a little confounded by some of the terminoligy.
      as you seem like a nice man, could you help?
      What is a KING DICK?
      What are a pair of Footprints?
      What is a Crescent?
      What is a shifter?
      What are Multi.grips?
      What is an inverted Staff?
      I would ask mr Moe but he like Mr Racephone seemed like he was a little sarcastic.
      The Australian Plumbers seem to be very protective & wont help at all.
      Do you think the Police would believe me if I say that I know nuthing about the guns & amunition, Do you think they might look for the rest of them?
      When I learn how to be a proper Plumber I wont have to worry about the Police.
      Argus Tuft

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      OK ARGUS, hang on to your seat.
      King Dick = King Richard
      Footprints is what you leave in the snow
      Crescent = a curved street
      A shifter is a removalist
      Multi grips is when more than one person is holding the pipe
      Inverted staff = employees doing a hand stand
      And shame on you for suggesting that your fellow Ozzies aren’t helpful!!!!!!!!!

      » This message has been edited by aquaticau on 02 October 2002

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      Argus,thats racefanone.Hows things in NYC?

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      I din see any them in the bok at Hom epot I hop thye ansered rite An a gud plummer don havta worye bout Polic

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