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      Bernard Voith

      I too am looking for fair dinkum answers. I had to look up the encyclopedia to find out wot condescending meant, good onya Mr Petersonjt.
      I have been thinking about being a Plumber, is there a book I can read?
      Some of the information given to me in the past has got me in a lot of trouble with the council, Health & Safety blokes, Dep of environment.
      Recently I posted a question about Apricot nuts & no one would help me & my cat & bird died Mr Racefone did suggest for me to take the Animals to the vet But I did detect an air of sarcasm in his post.
      Any way it seems that when I added the acid to the Apricot nuts it reacted with the nuts to form Cyanide or some gas like it.
      Anyway the blockage continued & I called a plumber in to snake out the drains.
      When I buried my Winchester 246, I was unaware of the existing drainage.
      Unbeknown to me the plumbers snake got caught up in the broken drg, so he had to excavate to retreive his cutter, in doing so he destroyed my Winchester & 1000 rounds of ammo.
      He now is threatening to call the Police if I dont pay him.
      Do you thing that he is being fair or ethical?
      Argus Tuft

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      Angus: Take advantage of current technology. Have the extortionist Plumber come back to discuss the terms of his demands. Have a cincealed camcorder record all the lurid details of his unsavory plot to extort hush money from you in return for his silence.
      Black mail here in the States is a serious charge that carries a substantial penalty. If he declines your offer to discuss the particulars of his nefarious extortion plot on camera, give him some of apricot seed extract that you mentioned, and disolve his worthless remains in some of that acid you also mentioned, then flush the gent down the ruddy tubes.

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