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      Avatar photoMasterPlumbers

      I have been looking back at previous posts on this site, and noticing that many new posters get slammed by the regulars, either with attitude or just smart a** responses.

      Seriously, Sylvan, Local Plumber and the likes, get over yourself. To not understand another man’s purpose does not make *him* confused.

      I participate in bboards like this in my field, and we do get a lot of newbie questions. But they are from newbies, so how could they know any better? We try to refer them to some basic FAQs so we don’t have to retype the same thing over and over… But what we don’t do is make fun of, insult, or condescend.

      If you are not here to help, then why are you here?

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      Avatar photoHarold Kestenholz

      The facts of life: Moms have always been condescendingly telling their children to behave. Schoolteachers do the same because THEY CAN. But in the end, it doesn’t stop because nobody CARES. It is in the character of tradesmen to poke fun where THEY CAN.

      No poster is getting a big reward by waiting for YOU or anyone else to post. If they do answer AT ALL it is simply a MIRACLE of life. Take the good from the bad and thank your lucky stars that there are tradesmen who can read and write after HIGH ED pumps everyone to spend 40k a year for exactly the same LECTURES that qualify them to wait on tables and decorate instead of learning a useful TRADE. This is the site where office managers and engineers come to find out how to really DO something from people who paid for the code books and classes – and the teachers here are often peevish because they don’t HAVE TO cowtow or BEHAVE or they won’t get their smiley sticker.

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      Avatar photoracefanone

      Now that you got that taken care of ,go ahead and ask your question.You might get an answer,then again ,you might not.

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      Avatar photoRobert Stephen Morton

      Condescending indeed.
      I for one will not willingly come down in my position of a Fully Licensed Plumber Drainer & Gasfitter to gracously give advice on a topic so fraught with danger to the populace if handymen attempt to interfere with such items.
      I believe that this Site is made for Licensed Plumbers to give ethical advice to homeowners to the benifit of the comunity at large.
      I do not believe it is a forum for handymen to glean information in an effort to carry out illegal Plumbing.
      We as Licensed Plumbers Drainers & Gasfitters have put in the hard yards to gain our credentials & it is a form of Prostitution to advise or condone illegal Plumbing in any form.
      Mr Peterspnjt. I have posted my Profile & am prepared to discuss this arguement. Could you please fill in your Profile so that we can see your expertise.

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      Avatar photoTheLocalPlumber

      What are you the Bulletin Board Police?

      The Local Plumber
      Tustin, California http://www.TheLocalPlumber.com

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