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      David C

      I’ve had a skunk-like smell coming from my bathroom sink drain for months, but ONLY when the water first starts running. The smell is definitely from the drain, not the faucet. None of the other fixtures have an odor. I had a plumber replace the drain and trap, but the smell didn’t go away. I’ve tried baking soda, drano, enzymes, and bleach, but nothing helps. What could be causing the smell, and how do I fix it?

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      Pour some hot water down the overflow holes located at the top of the lavatory,usually directly behind the drain.Might have to do it 3 or 4 times. The overflow drains directly into the drain,Sometimes if the drain is slow it will backup into the overflow,causing some of the drain water to collect in the overflow,causing it to smell after awhile.A squirt bottle works good to clean it out.

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      mp: RaceFanOne has got the right idea. What ever you are putting down that drain is coming back to haunt you. Dead skin cells..crud from mouth name it. It all lies in the drain line fermenting and generating a life of it’s own.
      If measures are not taken soon, this evil manifestation will continue to develop until you will have no recourse but to move from your present habitation, or have the priest come by to do an exorcism.

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      Finally figured out the problem- it wasn’t the drain at all, but the soap in the liquid soap dispenser had somehow turned bad. I didn’t use the sink for a few days and the smell went away, then as soon as I washed my hands, there it was again. I knew toothpaste, etc. can foul up a drain, but I wouldn’t have thought of soap. Guess other folks with this problem should double check EVERYTHING that goes down the drain.

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