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      I am doing a physics project about specific heats of metals and linear expansion, etc. My teacher assigned
      us to design a home heating system with the best efficiency (both of cost and of energy), regardless of the cost or
      availability of the metal used. We need to determine the best metals to use for the heater (a pressurized steam
      heater), the piping leading to the radiator, and the radiator that heats the house. I was wondering if you could
      give me a professional opinion as to the kind of metals to use to aid me with this project. Thank you for your time.

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      jack spotz

      andrew, i hope the plumbinghelp guys dont get pissed at me but you’ve asked a great question to the wrong group. i’ll look for your question(called a thread) on the WALL at there you can discuss your question with the finest in the industry! good luck with the project!

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      If you are using a steam source, then the only materials I would use are cst iron (radiators or baseboard), and steel pipe. Steam has a tendency to scour copper tubing and cause pin holes in the pipes.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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