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        My sister lives in a 2 story house…water heater is in basement. Her hot water in the kitchen is very slow to warm up, and the pressure is very low. Yet the cold water is fine, and the rest of the house has fine Hot Water Pressure. they’ve emptied the hot water heater…now what?

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        Avatar photoNickHydro

          Tha lin is cloged with russt or a vavl seet and neds tabe cleen or raplased

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          Avatar photoZiggy

            First thing to eliminate is the tap itself. There might be something stuck in there restricting the flow. I’ve often found that a home handyman has changed the jumper valve in the tap and left the old washer in there as well. Sometimes people use those dome shaped washers as well and when they wear out part of the rubber pushes so far into the tap that the flow gets restricted.
            Also, check the filter on the spout.

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            Avatar photoNickHydro

              Thaks Zigy. Yuo writ the sam thin; but a lot betr.

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              Avatar photoMOE

                Connie, Nick and Ziggy have got it nailed. Insufficient volumes of heated water aren’t present in satisfactory volume to satisfy an apparent demand at the culinary or scullery stations of the affected household. This in adequacy can be attributed any one of the numerous contributing factors mentioned by the respondents mentioned previously.

            Viewing 4 reply threads
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