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      am about to re-tile my bathroom floor. As part of the project, I will remove the toilet to I can tile under its base, and then re-mount the toilet. I assume I will need a new bee’s wax ring when the toilet is re-mounted, but that’s about it (I think).
      I will be tiling with porcelain tiles. They will raise the level of the floor by approximately 3/8″, so when I re-mount the toilet base, it will be 3/8′ higher relative to the present level or the toilet waste pipe.

      Will this cause a problem for re-sealing the toilet base?
      What is the solution?
      Are there differnet size bee’s wax rings available?

      Please help me answer this conundrum, before I re-tile the floor only to find that my toilet won’t work anymore.


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      yes you are right about replaceing your wax ring, but you will need a secound one. there are two types of rings one will have a rubber flange on the bottom and one will not. put the one with the rubber flange on your coset ring, then the other one right on top. then you can mount it on the new tile.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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