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      I have a tub faucet that only turns right, on & off. You can turn it left but it loosens the handle, easliy fixed.

      It hasn’t been a problem for 12 years, works fine once you get used to it, NO leaks.

      Now my new tenants say they want a new faucet because this one might burn their baby. Never hurt mine, or anyone elses.

      It may have the wrong handle, I think it’s a Moen. Would I be able to get a handle that works in either direction? I think that’s all it needs. Would be a shame to rip the wall out and replace a perfectly good faucet, I think it’s washerless. What would you pros do?

      Andy Z.

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      There was a time before I was born when little men in coveralls would work through the night fixing little things that today we throw away.
      A twelve year old faucet is one of these things.The new code requires all shower/tub faucets to be pressure balanced so as not to cause shower shock. This faucet is not a pressure balanced valve and should be with a baby in the house. This is just the first problem with this faucet. I say replace it with a new pressure balanced/ anti-scald type and you may sleep better at night. Oh yea, it will last another 12 years of being problem free, instead of hearing about it until you replace it anyway.
      Good Luck,
      The Local Plumber
      Tustin, California

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