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      Avatar photoMasterPlumbers

        I got sited on a Truth in Housing for a relief valve on a water heater that’s “improperly located”. What does that mean?? Where is it supposed to be and how do you move it there?

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        Avatar photoNickHydro

          Thers a hole at tha top othetank so the T&P can stik in the watr in thatop of the heeter wit novalvs betwin so it fels the water in thetank not the pips

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          Avatar photojohnws

            What type of valve was it, T&P or some other type of relief? Where was the valve in question located? Liscenced plumbers should be conversant with plumbing Codes which are specific about saftey valves on water heaters. If you can give some more information someone here might be able to help.

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            Avatar photoBruce T

              the temperature and pressure relief valve is supposed to be installed in the uppermost portion of the tank…(top 6″) this is to protect you and your loved ones from explosion of the tank….

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