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      Avatar photoMasterPlumbers

      My wife bought me a new air compressor and tank for my birthday. I want to run some air lines in my shop and out to the driveway to fill tires or use impact tools. Do you think 1/2 inch would be large enough for the air demand, or should I go with 3/4″?
      I going to use PVC, should I use Sch 40 or would (I think it’s) Sch 80? be better? The guy at Lowe’s said Sch 80? had thicker walls and would be better.
      I wanted some second opinions before I go azhead with this project. Thanks in advance… George

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      Avatar photoNickHydro

      Concidrin thet plasic gonna be cold an then yuo hitit with pulseso hi presur maybe schedul 200 wit sandbag covers wuld be gud

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      Avatar photoracefanone

      Plastic is not made for air lines.I talked to a manufacturer of plastic pipe and was told never to run plastic pipe for air lines.Good luck.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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